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The JiveX NDT CCM is designed not only for test images and reports, but also for all the information regarding a test object – from manuals to orders and assessments to certificates and drawings. A continuously updated DIMATE CCM thus provides a 360° digital lifetime documentation of the test object. This is a step by step process– depending on the information that is digitally available and on the IT systems linked to JiveX NDT CCM.

The underlying idea of the CCM determines its unique approach: Existing and tried and tested software solutions are not abolished. Instead, the data is transferred to the CCM via an interface, for example from SAP, and converted into a standard format. If no digital process is available for a certain work step, it can be established with JiveX NDT CCM. Thus, all information regarding a test object is successively consolidated and can easily be retrieved.


Ready for bits and bytes

Digitalization of NDT is no longer an option – it is a must. Our blog series “Ready for Bits and Bytes” highlights the benefits of digital NDT for individual companies.


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In this webinar you will learn how to archive test reports, handouts and other files in the JiveX NDT CCM in an audit-proof manner and in the DICONDE standard.


JiveX NDT Product Description

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