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The digitalization of the test procedure (e.g. digital X-ray) in NDT is only part of the story. What’s really interesting is a system that can intelligently process, archive and communicate digital data. A system that makes images and reports available in a compact manner, regardless of time and place, of modality and manufacturer. That’s the forte of the JiveX NDT PACS. Before the data migrates to the archive, the proprietary formats of the manufacturers are converted into the globally recognized DICONDE standard.

JiveX NDT PACS offers numerous measuring and evaluation functions. Post-analysis, images and reports can be archived in an audit-proofmanner and are available at the click of a mouse. Even more: images and reports can be transferred easily and securely to other systems, customers or institutions.



JiveX NDT Product Description

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The participants of this online-seminar learn what a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is and which benefits it offers in daily routine.


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Ready for bits and bytes

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